Hire a Super Team

Our skills in software and solutions engineering are ready to assist you


If you have an idea or concept and your product is itching to be unearthed, then our team of designers, developers, engineers and managers will assist to make sure that it does.

Software Developers

Software developers write the code that brings the software to life. Our developers are mostly full stack developers which basically means that they have the skills to work on front, back and server technologies.

Solution Engineers

Without the correct architecture and planning, software can become a problem. We take great pride ensuring that your software does not become a burden. We believe in the saying that software is built to make things easier, not more difficult.

UX / UI Designers

UI and UX Designers are pivotal in capturing what the user feels and does which eases the development process and makes sure that the correct features are being built because extensive research has established this. Custom software builds exactly what you want, it does not need to have features that are not needed.


Very early on in the software cycle and also from the planning and research conducted, your software must reach a working prototype. This is where our solution engineers will pave the way with a comprehensive product roadmap and release plan.


Software Development requires intricate planning that combines both architecture and development methodology. The Agile Development Methodology combined with a sound system architecture should never be neglected and ikhodi ensures that it is abided to. Sprints, retrospectives and features are well documented and explained so both client and developer team are on the same page right through out the software lifecycle.